We are recognized as THE place to go for information on outdoor activities.  We sell and produce our own maps, trail guides, and hiking books for this region.  Our base in Ansonia carries these items and more.  You can also mail order items from Pine Creek Outfitters, Inc.


           We rent first-class equipment and provide personal service to each customer.  We are a company that is small enough to know you, but large enough to service you efficiently at a fair price.


           Nobody has guided more trips on Pine Creek or has more experience than Pine Creek Outfitters, Inc.  Local legend Chuck Dillon has authored six books on this area and written numerous articles for area publication. 


             Pine Creek Outfitters has been a family owned business since 1984.  We genuinely want you to have a quality outdoor experience every time you visit this area.  Our store is open everyday of the week, and we will work long hours, to make everything as easy and convenient as possible for you—our customers. 

           Pine Creek Outfitters is located in Ansonia, about 10 miles west of Wellsboro.  Ansonia is the entrance to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, and it’s the place where most people start their adventures.  Our store has a private boat launch for Pine Creek, and we are located only 1 mile from the Pine Creek Rail Trail (biking) and the West Rim Trail (hiking).





5142 Rt 6

Wellsboro, PA 16901

email us:




5142 Rt 6

Wellsboro, PA 16901


email us:

How does your shuttle service work?

A)— (afternoon pickups) Park at Pine Creek Outfitters and start your activity.  Get an afternoon pickup when you finish at Blackwell. 

B)— (morning pickups) Park at one of the local access areas along Pine Creek in the morning.  The shuttle will take you to Pine Creek Outfitters and drop you off - or even at your preferred trailhead.  This option is preferred by most of our bicyclists with their own equipment.

C)— (upper pine shuttles) Park at Pine Creek Outfitters.  The shuttle will take you upstream to one of the western access areas and then you just float back to the outfitters and your vehicle.

D)— (vehicle shuttles) Fill out a vehicle shuttle form.  Bring your shuttle form and a spare set of keys.  We drive while you play.  We do not guarantee timing on vehicle shuttles.  Please keep in mind that we have limited numbers of drivers and your car will be delivered as soon as possible.


What is your cancellation policy?

$10/person NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit 

You may cancel at anytime until two days before your trip, less your deposit.  You can pay the remaining balance two days before your trip.  Reservations are required for shuttle service and guided trips.  Reservations are highly recommended for our rentals but are not required.

We operate rain or shine!


How do I make a reservation?

Call or email us ( to reserve your shuttle service and/or your trip plans.


What are your prices for each activity?

Find a full listing of our prices HERE!


Frequently asked questions:

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