Distances and Average Times:

(seasoned cyclists can complete sections in less time)

Ansonia to Blackwell : The Canyon

17 miles (2.5 - 3.0 hrs)


to Rattlesnake Rock is 19 miles (3.0 hrs)

to Cedar Run is 23 miles (4.0 hrs)

to Slate Run is 29 miles (5.0 hrs)

to Waterville is 44 miles (6.5 hrs)

to Whitetail is 55 miles (8+ hrs)

to Jersey Shore is 57 miles (8+ hrs)

Starting at Wellsboro Junction gives you an additional 7 miles (1 hour)




Q: What is the trail like?

A: The trail is relatively FLAT.  The packed crushed limestone provides a good surface for all kinds of bikes and bike tires, although wider tires are preferred.  The trail is partly shaded.  The Pine Creek Gorge occasionally experiences strong headwinds so bring along a jacket, just in case.  Much of the trail is remote with almost no nearby roads, especially in the canyon. 

Q: Are there places to get food?

A: Wellsboro Junction has a farmer’s market.  Ansonia is not too far off the trail (Pine Creek Outfitters).  Blackwell has a small general store and a hotel.  Cedar Run has a small general store and old-fashioned inn (dinners only).  Slate Run and Waterville each have a general store and a hotel.

Q: Are there places to get water?

A: There are water pumps at a few locations, but the water has a strong metallic aftertaste.  You should bring plenty of water with you and not depend on the water pumps.

Q: Are there bathrooms along the trail?

A: Yes.  Wellsboro Junction, Darling Run, Tiadaghton, Blackwell, Rattlesnake Rock, Hilborn Comfort Station, Black Walnut Bottom, Cammal Comfort Station, Dry Run, Bonnell Flats, Whitetail, and Jersey Shore have public bathrooms.

Q: Is there cell phone reception?

A: No, and that’s part of the appeal.  It makes the trail more scenic and rustic.  You may get reception by chance in a few places, but you are in a fairly deep canyon that has no cell towers. 

Q: Are there places to stay?

A: Yes.  Blackwell, Cedar Run, Slate Run, and Waterville are the main villages with lodging.  There are also Bed & Breakfast and Cabin Rentals available too.  Please check our area accommodations and links page for some options.  Pine Creek Valley.com has a larger listing of places to stay along the southern half of the bike trail.

Q: How close is Pine Creek Outfitters to the trail?

A: We are only 1 mile from the Ansonia trailhead.  Most people ride their bikes right from here to the Ansonia Station/Marsh Creek Road Access Area.  We can also take you to the trail in our shuttle vans, at no extra charge, if you prefer not to ride the road to the trailhead.

Q: What kind of bikes do you rent?

A: We rent Trek Navigators, Raleigh Cruisers, and Trek Mountain Bikes.  Most of our bikes are a hybrid-style, combining easy shifting gears with upright handlebars and a comfy seat.  We have all different sizes of bikes (including small kids bikes).  We also rent pull-behind carriages and trail-a-bikes.  We now offer mountain bike rentals for the Asaph Wild Area.







             Most people start here in Ansonia and ride south to Blackwell (takes about 3 hours to ride leisurely).  The shuttle picks you up at Blackwell and takes you back to Ansonia when you are done.  Pickups can be scheduled for 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 5:00 PM at Blackwell.  Other distances can also be arranged following a similar schedule.  You have to sign up for a location and time in advance before you leave - there is no cell reception along the bike trail in the canyon.


We highly recommend advanced reservations for rentals and shuttles, but we accept walk-ins too.  Please let us know how many bikes you will need and what time you would like to start your ride.


BY E-MAILING (info@pinecrk.com) OR CALLING (570)-724-3003.

        The Pine Creek Rail Trail is a 62-mile bike path that follows an old railroad bed along the bottom of Pine Creek and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  It features amazing scenery and numerous opportunities to view wildlife along the trail.  Many visitors tell us, “This is the best bike trail I’ve ever ridden.”  One couple even said they “liked it better than the Maui Crater bike ride.”

             The trail is FLAT and very easy to ride.  There is only about a 1% percent overall grade.  Biking south follows the creek and is slightly easier.  Several villages offer lodging, and tent camping is allowed along the trail.  The trail is composed of crushed limestone.  It is well-maintained, and offers rest areas with bathrooms every few miles.  Pine Creek Outfitters offers bicycle rentals, and we offer shuttle services for the entire trail, even if you have your own bikes and just need a shuttle.

The Turkey Path Waterfalls are 
right next to the bike path about
4 miles south of Ansonia