This region is described in the book, Hiking Pennsylvania, as “a hiking trail network that is the finest in Pennsylvania—surpassing even the Appalachian Trail in total length (and some would say beauty).”  Endless miles of regional hiking trails offer breath-taking scenery, panoramic vistas, magnificent natural waterfalls, diverse forest environments, wildflowers, and possible encounters with wildlife.  There is a degree of solitude one will often find here that cannot easily be matched by other destinations on the east coast with such grand scenery.

                 Most visitors have heard about the infamous Turkey Path, but there are so many [easier] hikes to enjoy.  Stop by Pine Creek Outfitters in Ansonia for hiking advice.

Short Hikes in Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon—over 40 hikes in the Pine Creek Gorge and the surrounding Tioga State Forest.  Expansive canyon views and a few waterfalls are among the many highlights.  $14.95 

Short Hikes in God’s Country —over 40 hikes in Potter County and the Susquehannock State Forest.  Home to some of the most diverse and remote forests on the east coast, come see why they call this region “God’s Country.”  $10.95

Short Hikes in Pennsylvania’s Black Forest—covers hikes in Lycoming County and the Tiadaghton State Forest.  Coming Soon!



Our region has 4 major backpacking trails:

(Shuttle Services Available from Pine Creek Outfitters for the following trails)


The West Rim Trail—30 miles along the western rim of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, from Ansonia to Rattlesnake Rock.

The Susquehannock Trail System—84 mile loop trail through the heart of Potter County, aka God’s Country. Trailheads at Denton Hill State Park (N) and Ole Bull State Park (S).

The Black Forest Trail—42 mile loop trail through the rugged and beautiful mountains of the PA Black Forest.  Trailhead in Slate Run. 

The Mid State Trail—320 miles spanning from New York to Maryland.  Connects to the West Rim Trail in Blackwell.


                 Pine Creek Outfitters offers shuttles to hikers and backpackers for the various area backpacking trails.  The West Rim Trail (30 miles) is the most popular for a number of reasons: it is easy to follow, not too challenging for most people to complete in a weekend, you can shorten the trail, and it sports excellent lookout points of the PA Grand Canyon.  Pine Creek Outfitters is 1 mile from the northern trailhead in Ansonia.  The Black Forest Trail and Susquehannock Trail System are loop hikes and can be customized to fit any time budgets you might have, usually without the need for any shuttling.  The Mid State Trail has several access points that can provide an overnight (14 miles), weekend (27 miles), or even a week-long backpacking trip (60 miles), and can also be combined with the West Rim Trail