The Mid State Trail (MST) is an excellent trail for backpackers seeking some challenge and ultimate wilderness seclusion.  The MST features different forest types & environments, scenic streams, rock formations, waterfalls, old growth hemlock, and incredible mountaintop vistas.  The 62-mile section between Antrim and Woolrich is considered to be the most remote and wildest part of the whole trail.  The 14-mile section from Antrim to Blackwell is a great overnight backpacking trip with excellent scenery and stream environments.  Shuttle services are available from Pine Creek Outfitters Inc. for the Mid State Trail. 


Total Length: 321.2 miles (517.4 km)

Hiking Time(s): Antrim to Blackwell is 15 miles (1-2 days).  Blackwell to Little Pine State Park is 25 miles (2-3 days).  Antrim to Woolrich is 62 miles (6-8 days). 

Trailhead(s): In our region, the main points are Antrim (Rt 287), Blackwell (Rt 414), Little Pine State Park (Little Pine Road), Ramsey (Rt 414), and Woolrich Park.  Southern trailhead is at Black Valley Rd, PA Rt 326 along the MD border.  The Northern trailhead is just north of Cowanesque Lake, Rt 49 along the NY border.  There are numerous places to access the trail and there are lots of forestry roads and state parks that intersect the trail. 

Camping Permits:

Tiadaghton State Forest Office—Lycoming County


Tioga State Forest Office—Tioga County


Water: Water is available along the trail at stream crossings. All water must be purified in order to be considered safe.

$38.00 The Mid State Trail Guidebook & Map is available from Pine Creek Outfitters Inc.  The guidebook is the official guide to the trail, authored by the MST Association.  Pine Creek Outfitters Inc. also offers detailed color topographic maps of the 62-mile section from Antrim to Woolrich for $4.00.

“Keep close to nature’s heart . . . And break clear away,
once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend
a week in the woods.  Wash your spirit clean.”
- John Muir



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