Pine Creek is an all-natural, free-flowing river (no dam controlling the water flow).  River levels will often fluctuate between low and high.  Most people want to go when it is an average level (2.5 to 3.5 ft).  The river level changes every single day and is difficult to predict future conditions.  We always recommend that you check the river level before you paddle. 


Click HERE for Future Water Level Predictions

           Pine Creek is often too low for paddling in summer.  Pine Creek requires snowmelt and rainfall to be floatable.  The water temp in Pine Creek is almost always cold (40 to 60 deg. F).  Wearing a neoprene wetsuit will help keep you warm while on the river.  Wetsuits virtually eliminate the danger of getting hypothermia.  Pine Creek Outfitters has wetsuit rentals for all sizes (kids up to 4XL adult).  “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong outfit.” 



This area receives very little rainfall when compared to the rest of Pennsylvania.  Many storms tend to break up as they approach our hilly and mountainous region.  That is good news for those that don’t like rain, however Pine Creek needs rain to produce good boating conditions.



4.5 feet

High Water

Swift Current

2.5 feet

Average Water

Steady Current

1.8 feet

Minimum Level

1.0 feet

looks like fun . . .

If you go when it is this low, you haven’t been checking the river level.

This is the minimum level for canoes and kayaks.  Class I (easy) difficulty.

Good depth for boating. Class II rapids (moderate).  Most prefer it at this level or a bit higher.

This means we just got rain.  The river rises to class III, becoming far more intense.