Pine Creek Outfitters is located on Rt 6 in Ansonia, about 11 miles west of Wellsboro.†

Please reserve your shuttle in advance, preferably more than a day in advance.†


or call (570)-724-3003.





The shuttle leaves from our store to drop you off at one of the trailheads on Pine Creek.† Many bicyclists and backpackers prefer this option.†††

Our shuttle vans depart Ansonia at the following times: (please show up for check-in 5 minutes early)

9:00 AM†††††† 12:30 PM†††††† 2:30 PM

Blackwell or Rattlesnake Rocks



Cedar Run (no public parking)

Slate Run


Jersey Shore





(leaving from Pine Creek Outfitters)



Hamilton Bottom

2:00 PM / 5:00 PM

Slate Run


Jersey Shore

4:45 PM

4:25 PM

4:00 PM


How close is Pine Creek Outfitters to the trailheads in Ansonia?

We are 1 mile from the Pine Creek Rail Trail (Marsh Creek Access) and 1 mile from the West Rim Trail.


What are my shuttle options?

A. Start in Ansonia. Choose an afternoon shuttle location / time (Afternoon Pickups).

B. Park at one of the morning shuttle locations in your personal vehicle (Morning Pickups).

†††††††††† The shuttle takes you to your preferred start location and you make your way back to your vehicle. This option works great if you have your own equipment because you can take as long as you want to get back to your car in the afternoon.

C. Our shuttle vans depart from our store in Ansonia (Departure Times).† The shuttles can take you to a trailhead and drop you off.† This option is usually preferred by backpackers and some bicyclists.

D. You can have us deliver your vehicle from one trailhead to another (vehicle shuttle).


Can I get a shuttle that isnít on your schedule?

To set up a customized shuttle please call us or email† Options may be limited.


Are dogs allowed?

We are dog-friendly.† Dogs must be leashed and well-behaved.† An additional charge of $5/dog applies.


Do I need a reservation?

You must sign up for a shuttle in advance (and pay) before you start your adventure.† There may not be enough room on the shuttle if you show up without a reservation.


How do I make reservations?

You can call us at (570)-724-3003 or email us at


What is your cancellation policy?

Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel.† We operate rain or shine.†


When do I make reservations?

We recommend making reservations at least one day in advance.† You will probably not have much cell phone service while here on vacation in Tioga or Potter County.† Itís like the Bermuda Triangle of Pennsylvania.†



10:00 AM

9:50 AM

9:45 AM

9:25 AM

9:00 AM

All distances and times are ONE-WAY from Ansonia and Pine Creek Outfitters











17 miles

(3 hours)

17 miles

(4.5 - 6 hours)

30 miles

(42 minutes)

Rattlesnake Rocks

19 miles

(3 hours)

19 miles

(5 - 6 hours)

32 miles

(45 minutes)

Slate Run

29 miles

(4.5 hours)

29 miles

(2 - 3 days)

40 miles

(1.25 hours)


44 miles

(6+ hours)

43 miles

(3 - 4 days)

55 miles

(1.5 hours)

Jersey Shore

57 miles

(8+ hours)

55 miles

(3 - 5 days)

67 miles

(1.7 hours)