The Susquehannock Trail System (STS) is great for both beginner and seasoned backpackers.  Most of the trail system follows old logging roads, former mountain railroads, and streambeds.  The campsites are excellent and there are an abundance of streams and water sources along the way.  The Susquehannock Trail System features a wide variety of forest environments, wildflowers, and stream environments.

Part of this trail goes through the Hammersley Wilderness Area, which is the largest roadless section of Pennsylvania.

There are ways to shorten the (STS) trail system, and complete smaller sections instead of thru-hiking the whole 80+mile loop, using the forestry roads and state parks that intersect the trail.

The Susquehannock Trail Club has been establishing connector trails and shelters recently.  Join the club or volunteer to help keep the STS maintained and beautiful.



Total Length: 83.7 miles (134.7 km)

Hiking Time: 6—10 days

Trailhead(s): Northern gateway is by Denton Hill State Park, off RT 6.  Southern gateway is at Ole Bull State Park, off RT 144.  Other places to access the trail include Patterson State Park, the village of Cross Fork, and there are a number of forestry roads that intersect the trail.  The roads are no winter maintenance, winter use of forestry roads is not recommended.

Camping: Only primitive (tent) camping is allowed on the trail.  Backpackers only need permits for camping more than 1 night in the same location.  Contact Susquehannock State Forest Office (570-327-3450) for camping info, permits, etc.

Water: Water is available along the trail at stream crossings. All water must be purified in order to be considered safe to drink.


The Susquehannock Trail System Guidebook & Map is available from Pine Creek Outfitters for $17.00.  The guidebook is a pocket-sized account of the trail’s features and its history.  The waterproof color topographic map also shows vistas, water sources, campsites, & connector trails.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

- John Muir