Total Length: 30.5 mi (49.0 km)     Elevation Gain: 5,648 ft.

Hiking Time: 2.5—3.5 days           Difficulty: Moderate

North Trailhead: Ansonia - On Colton Road there is a large gravel parking lot with a bathroom facility.  Trailhead is by the bathrooms.  Pine Creek Outfitters is 1 mile northwest on Rt 6.

South Trailhead: Rattlesnake Rock Access Area parking lot on Rt 414, about 2 miles south of the village of Blackwell. 

Camping: Only primitive (tent) camping is allowed on the trail.  Camping permits are free.  Contact Tioga State Forest Office (570)-724-2868 for camping info, permits, etc.

Water: Water is available along the trail at stream crossings.  There is less water on the southern half of the trail during summer.  All water must be purified in order to be considered safe to drink.


The West Rim Trail is a must-hike trail for backpackers.  30 miles long, multiple canyon vistas, and primitive camping are only some of the highlights.  This trail has been featured in Outside Magazine as “the Best Hike in Pennsylvania.”  The campsites are abundant and there are some streams along the trail for use as water sources.

The trail has a long climb at either terminus but the majority of the trail has moderate elevation changes.  The trail can be hiked in either direction (N to S—or—S to N) with similar elevation changes.

The West Rim Trail Guidebook & Map is available from Pine Creek Outfitters for $12.00.  The guidebook is a pocket-sized account of the trail’s features and its history.  The waterproof color topographic map also shows vistas, water sources, campsites, & connector trails.

Pine Creek Outfitters offers SHUTTLE SERVICES for the West Rim Trail.  We are only 1 mile northwest of the trailhead in Ansonia.  You can get a shuttle to the south end and start hiking north.  You can also get your car delivered to the southern terminus at Rattlesnake Rock and hike north-to-south.  There are also drop-off points along West Rim Road that allow you to customize the time and length of your trip.



Departure Times from Pine Creek Outfitters to the South Terminus: 9 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM (please call ahead).


Pine Creek Outfitters also has a retail store where you can purchase backpacking and camping supplies for your hike.  We sell backpacks, tents, tarps, sleeping bags & pads, hammocks, camping pillows, flashlights, water bottles, water purification, stoves, fuel, freeze-dried food, etc.


I leave the town with its hundred noises,

Its clatter and whir of wheel and steam,

For woodland quiet and silvery voices,

With a camp of bark by a crystal stream.


- George Washington Sears (“Nessmuk”)

The West Rim Trail can be customized by using access points at Steel Trail (24 mi), Gundigut Trail (22 mi), or Bradley Wales (16 mi).  You can even do a shorter hike from Bradley Wales to Refuge Trail (7 mi).  On its south end, the West Rim Trail connects to the Black Forest Trail via the Long Brach Trail.  It also connects to the Mid State Trail in Blackwell, via the Bohen Trail.


4-Man Tent = $30/night

2-Man Tent = $15/night

Backpack = $15/night

Sleeping Bag = $10/night

Sleeping Pad = $5/night